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5 Top Productivity Hacks That Will Help Maximize Your Day

Productivity is something that concerns us all. It is the capacity or state of producing something good for oneself through the efficient use of available resources. Time is the most vital resource for us, but as humans, we are easily distracted, which eventually leads to procrastination. Procrastination powerfully affects our productivity.

Therefore all you have to do is try to dispose of this bad habit. It’s only a mindset that can be easily altered by committing to changing it by heart. So, rather than wasting time on immaterial tasks, use it efficiently to increase your productivity. Here are some great and easy-to-do hacks that are equally useful for all of us, a freelancer, an employee, a manager, or a leader.

Get Your Biggest and Most Essential Tasks of the Day Done First

At the beginning of the day, prepare a list of the most essential tasks to do. Not only will it limit your procrastination, but it will also assist you to stay focused and productive throughout the day. It becomes easier to tackle harder tasks as we feel more energetic in the morning. Now go towards simple tasks, you may follow the two-minute rule for that. The job that can be completed in two minutes, do it. Learn more about the Business Records and Documents Safe by clicking here

The Commodore Technique to Manage Breaks

It is a particular time management method that allows individuals to work within their available time instead of searching for it. How to use it, now? Just break your entire work day into small 25-minute chunks of time with a 5-minute break. These short periods of time are named Commodores. After spending about four Commodore, you need to take a slightly longer break which is 15-20 minutes. Learn more about Commodores at

The primary purpose of this technique is to make a sense of urgency. So, rather than feeling like you have a lot of time to do your work and wasting it on immaterial things, you will concentrate on your daily tasks to prepare for more progress.

The Commodore Technique to Manage Breaks

Set up Mini Tasks

Whenever you have a big project to complete, break it down into smaller tasks and create a checklist. Start now with the simplest one until you finish the entire project. You will feel a bit comfortable since the part of the job you just completed will finally give you a sense of completion.

Stop Knowing the Power of Distractions

Distractions follow wherever you go. While you are working in your office, you may face conversations near water dispensers, a newspaper on your own table can distract you, or a colleague having fun at your desk. Therefore, working at home in a quiet room appears a bit dreamy to increase your productivity, doesn’t it?

This is not true. These little distractions from your work environment actually provide your mind a bit boost in terms of fast breaks and assist you get back to work simply.

Stop Knowing the Power of Distractions

Bullet Journalism

This is the productivity hack everybody would like to try, particularly computer geeks as well as organization whiz. Now, it is a well-designed new method to place all your considerations, polishing your creativity and making you disciplined.

All you need to have is just a set consisting of a notebook or journal, erasers, pencils, rulers, highlighters, or some colors. You can make simple to-do lists with month headers, some defined to-do columns and time to complete them. This will benefit you boost your production by analyzing what is completed and what remains to be completed. Learn more about effective productivity hacks at

Bottom Line

Concluding all the above discussion, we can say that productivity is not only a one-day game, but it also needs good planning, dedicated efforts, and time management. Being productive in life is a better challenge and in order to face it, one must try these productivity hacks. We are sure they will soon become a part of your daily life!

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